Our Scholars

The FCB after consulting senior and experienced Islamic scholars such as Justice Mufti Muhammad Taqi Usmani (retired judge of the Shariah Appellate Bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan and a permanent member of the International Islamic Fiqh Academy, an organ of the OIC based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) have integrated several consultative bodies to provide Islamic marital guidance, mediation and arbitration services.

Shaikh Mawlana Hafiz Fazl ar-Rahim Ashrafi, Vice President of Jamia Ashrafia, Lahore and member of the Government of Punjab Interfaith Harmony Committee, delivered the key note speech as FCB patron, at the FCB annual general meeting which can be viewed here.

The FCB panel of scholars itself comprises of qualified ulema that have graduated and studied both the Islamic and western traditions. All the scholars hold a degree and formal authorisation (Ijazah) in the traditional Islamic sciences, covering Islamic jurisprudence, Hadith, Tafsir, Usul al-Fiqh, Arabic syntax and morphology etc. taught across the Muslim world in Islamic institutes such as Al-Azhar University. In addition, most panel members also hold a Masters degree from a UK university such as Birmingham and Loughborogh.

The scholars who work on the Islamic arbitration panel of the FCB also include those who have formally trained and specialised in Ifta (the issuance of Islamic legal edicts in the capacity of a Mufti) and Qadha (issuance of Islamic rulings as a Qadhi) under qualified and experienced scholars.

Many of the Islamic scholars, Imams and Muftis who work with the FCB, represent a number of prominent Islamic Institutes and Mosques from around the UK covering London, Birmingham, Leicester, Bradford, Manchester and Edinburgh.